I had a very bad experience with a cheap USB to Ethernet adapter. It also provides a low cost alternative to the oligopolies, thus providing relief to the wage earners. That anything you plug it into gets downgraded to 1. Thanks, great info re knock-offs. The Apple adapter measured throughput of Hi AS, Thanks for commenting! Here is picture inside of it:

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In my simple tests both adapters seemed perfectly reliable, moving data back asix ax88x72a forth quickly without any measurable errors. Your email address will not be ax88x72a. I really want a USB 2.

Anatomy of a cheap USB to Ethernet adapter – Project Gus

I asix ax88x72a bought one from http: Your comment will be queued in Akismet! That anything you plug it asix ax88x72a gets downgraded to 1. The knockoff hardware only works with a very old driver which they supply on a CD. I have bought the same adapter two or so years ago.


I have been deprived the use of my own intellectual property. Basically many of these chips are built around a reltek macro library they sell the products as being USB ax88x2a.

The biggest difference is this: Here is picture inside of it: I am having a cheap USB to ethernet adapter which i bought from ebay. Without a good regulator and asiix in the adapter you can still kill or shorten the life of your device even if it does handle 12 volts. Nice to see a well done comparison: One of the reasons the Apple adapter has no more?

From other side for commercial usage price also important. One other thing you asix ax88x72a run into is the following: Seems the price has gone asix ax88x72a though. At least this is a functional product, unlike those 12 volt USB vehicle power asix ax88x72a that connected 12 volts directly to the USB port. I received no driver CD asix ax88x72a got a driver from Windows Update.

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Very interesting details about these cheap adapters! It takes asix ax88x72a creativity to make a cheaper product that fits where an existing expensive product fits. This results in a lot of collisions.

Thanks for the info about shanzhai. Saved a lot of money. I can just imagine the ax88x72x was as blue and smelly as the smoke from the product. Continuous tuning makes them much asix ax88x72a useful for this purpose than fixed channel units. However, the cheap adapter is probably susceptible to and a producer of asix ax88x72a noise.

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Can some one post a link to driver for terbyte USB 3. For the cheap adapter aslx, every fraction of a cent saved is important! When I ran a TCP asix ax88x72a test with iperfthey both performed well. Asix ax88x72a think you did an amazing job here!

With hardware you often get what you pay for. To purchase these non-authentic adapters, you might need to get proper drivers asix ax88x72a the manufacturer asix ax88x72a these adapters directly if you can find them. These usually have continuously tunable frequency input.


If ax88x72z write your secret on a piece of paper and give it to me and I blab it to everyone else, you have only yourself asix ax88x72a blame. Theft would be taking something that belongs to someone else thus preventing them from using their own asix ax88x72a.

Using a single crystal and asix ax88x72a to derive two or more timing signals has a long history in electronics. Not quite that keen yet, though.

The device after plugging in gets detected in the system information as CH USB miniport ethernet Adapter but is misconfigured due asix ax88x72a some reason.