Show comments Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Hulu in full-screen still had some stutter, and YouTube in p played very smoothly until a Google pop-up ad or the mouse cursor intervened, causing massive frame drops. To be front-running with next-gen technology, there at least need to be significant improvements. Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook Visit manufacturer site for details. So does the PN offer a good enough balance of multimedia muscle and battery life for your money?

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However, this system’s CPU often feels like a bottleneck compared to the N’s dual-core CPU, as we often had asus 1201pn wait for that Asus 1201pn 7 circle to stop spinning. According to Nvidia, this Ion processor will be the 12201pn of its future Ions with Optimuswhich will be able to switch between discrete graphics and the integrated Intel processor and theoretically improve battery life performance.

Asus 1201pn netbook didn’t get bogged down when we had multiple tabs open in Google Chrome–one of them streaming Pandora–while we switched between the browser, WordPad, and TweetDeck.

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There was just one problem: A plain, glossy-black plastic lid that flaunts its fingerprints also comes in red or asus 1201pn.

Asus Eee PC PN Specs – CNET

In its third incarnation, faster processors and a asus 1201pn better keyboard finally make the Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance. Please refer specification pages for full details.

Despite its graphics horsepower, the PN remains asus 1201pn easy to carry, weighing asuw 3. And the netbook mostly lived up to these claims.

Continue asus 1201pn next page 01 It’s a very comfortable typing experience, though you’ll asus 1201pn a better one on the Lenovo S12 Ion. The PN is no slouch. There are two tasks that a discrete Nvidia graphics chip can do better than an integrated Intel one: Heat Given that the PN has a mobile CPU instead of a desktop one under the hood, you would think asus 1201pn it would run cooler than its predecessor.

Subscribe to HH News 120pn We’re not fans of the 0. Hulu in full-screen still had some stutter, and YouTube in p played very smoothly until a Google pop-up ad or the mouse cursor intervened, causing massive frame drops.

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Dell Latitude 2-In-1 Review: The PN’s screen resolution of 1, by asus 1201pn higher, too, and consistent with that of mainstream laptops. Multitouch gestures like pinch to zoom also worked well. In fact, we tried to avoid this button after a day of testing. In the netbook realm, that hasn’t applied as much. Asus and Nvidia deserve credit asus 1201pn improving on on the best inch multimedia netbook.

Asus Ion 2-Powered Eee PC 1201PN Review

Lenovo ThinkPad X Review: Asus 1201pn, we really dislike the narrow and stiff touchpad button. A thin chromed-plastic rocker bar for button-pressing could have been a little more ergonomic. Although its 5 hours of battery life is nothing to scoff asus 1201pn, it could have hit the 7 hour range with Nvidia’s Optimus technology which would have been able to utilize the discete graphics, asus 1201pn well as the intregated graphics assus comes with aus N CPU.

Pros Nvidia chip is great for p HD video and light gaming.


While the keyboard feel and general build of the PN are very similar to what we enjoyed in the N before it, its asus 1201pn processor slows things down, whereas the Ion graphics don’t seem to add much more than what we’d already seen in 1201p last year–and, in some 1201pm, it even seemed to asus 1201pn less.

Best Laptops for We asus 1201pn saw a considerable boost in 3DMark 06, with the PN jumping up points to 1, We saw a decent 23 fps when we fired up the Dark Knight p trailer on YouTube. We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Lenovo IdeaPad S12 Ion.

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