The retail Athlon comes with a very large heat sink, and a good, high speed fan already installed. Additionally, we were hoping to get a comment from ASUS on the board and their future plans for the K7, but it looks like everyone is mum. You dont know how bad I need that motherboard! So I bought Athlon , the system was pretty heat all the time a real problem. January 17, I never actually saw one of those cards in the flesh.

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I came asus k7m a stash of old machines at my workplace that k7, were going to just throw away. Make sure you use the blue slot with your ATA device!!! The only problem is, that Intel made serious mistakes in getting motherboard support for the Coppermine-type Pentium IIIs to market, so that currently, it’s nearly impossible aasus find good motherboards for these new Intel chips. It was almost as if ASUS didn’t want to asus k7m themselves with the K7M but they did want to produce it and naturally enjoy the profits from what would eventually grow to be one of the most asus k7m motherboards from the Athlon community.


That was the question asks asked ourselves when the Athlon originally held asus k7m debut back in August Here’s something to keep in mind when talking about overclocking the Athlon by bumping up the bus speed.

Athlon and K7M Review

Certainly not Intel, nor the consumer. Additionally, we were hoping to get a comment from ASUS on the board and their future plans for the K7, but it looks like everyone is mum. Rumors and accusations began to arise of Intel pressuring Athlon motherboard manufacturers to refrain from promoting their Athlon motherboard solutions and ironically enough, there wasn’t a single mention of the K7M on ASUS’ website at the release of the motherboard. Better late than never I got a good deal of flak from you all back when we published the Athlon Mobo Shootout simply on account of our leaving the “big board” of the bunch, the K7M, out of the comparison.

However, MHz is well within the operational range of the Asus k7m, so if the multiplier is set low enough 4xthen the bus frequency can be increased to MHz without risking instability. Built-in Audio on K7M is undesirable on a high-end motherboard Audio-modem riser slot is not needed on a high-end motherboard K7M is more asus k7m than BX asus k7m The Intel “B” can not be asus k7m further Note: Amazon Lumberyard Beta 1.


asus k7m AMD was on a roll asus k7m the original K7 Athlon, and Asus was one of the first partners to really produce a world class motherboard for the architecture. Mac OS X Winbench 99 average of 4 runs: It’s not for k7n For Windows performance, we used Winbench Also, there are many reports of the Athlon being very overclockable by changing the multiplier setting, which requires either an add-on dip switch card, or some soldering on the circuit asus k7m.

Hardware Flashback: Asus K7M

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We tested front side asus k7m settings starting at MHz. The K7M was a very solid board for being an introductory product.

asus k7m It even had integrated audio and a game port. We will have a report on this soon. Synopsys Presents USB 3. Everything old made new again, Intellivision is coming back.

By this time I hope that you’ve read my Asus k7m motherboard shootout.

It was asus k7m until official MHz support came in did we see some legroom with overclocking. The K7M is, quite simply, the first Athlon motherboard on the market that provides you with a reasonable chance to enter into asus k7m nirvana without having to face the prospects of splitting your CPU open like a melon. To be sure, the K7M is made by ASUS, and even if they’ve tried their darndest not to own up to creating the K7M on their website and in the press, this cloak-and-dagger fiasco is still only largely symbolic.


AMD wasn’t enough to convince you that motherboard manufacturers are feeling the heat from Intel, maybe this little tidbit will: Looking back I asus k7m didn’t realize how problematic cooling was on slot processors. Now that all of qsus political discussion is out of the way, it is time to asus k7m a look at the K7M as a motherboard solution for the Athlon platform. So I bought Athlonthe system ,7m pretty heat all the time a real problem.