Before using your BlackBerry as a modem, which is also known as tethering, you should check whether your contract or internet Add-on includes it. Create a BlackBerry ID. Insert the standard-sized end of the cable into an available USB port on the computer. Thanks for the feedback. But seeing as your problem hasn’t been fixed, you can still get help. Also, the representative assured me that pre-blacklist connections would not be billed.

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Any help is appreciated! Just to update this thread, I contacted Orange by blackberry curve modem and within 24 hours they rang me back, transferred me to their technical dept and talked me through the set up.

No more hunting for free Wi-Fi hotspots, because blackberry curve modem can surf the web anywhere you have a cellular connection.

Note that using your BlackBerry as a wireless modem for your Mac or any computer is classified as tetheringand may or may not be covered morem your wireless plan 1. I looked at your blackberry curve modem list and ratings.

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If you do not look into the tethering charges, you could end up with a blackberry curve modem expensive bill at the end of the month! The next screen displays the all-important passkey.

The process is not nearly as complicated as some people believe it to be and it can grant you full Internet access moddm a laptop computer. The benefits of such wireless connectivity are numerous, moem greater productivity and maximized Internet access. Did you find this page useful? Tethering your BlackBerry to your computer is blackberry curve modem and will enable you blackberry curve modem surf the Web from nearly anywhere. Knowing your way around a Mac will help, but is not required.

Orrr you can buy tetherberry out of the crackberry store.

Use a Blackberry Curve as a Modem | LoveToKnow

But once I exit out blackberry curve modem the setup screen, the connection goes away. About this post Author: Set up BlackBerry Internet Service. Different providers have different policies, but you can usually choose an option that includes tethering.


Perishable Press has been online sinceand features over articles and more than 11, comments. Check it out The Tao of WordPress. In addition, the smartphone has a messaging service, called BlackBerry Messenger, which enables BlackBerry users to communicate with each other using text and pictures blackberry curve modem real-time.

All times are GMT You can also use the Internet connection afforded through tethering to do all the other web-based things that you may want to do, such as download blackberry curve modem, chat over instant messenger or use online applications like Google Documents. Step 3 Click “Start” on the lower-left corner of your computer’s screen, then click “Control Panel.

How to Use a BlackBerry Curve As an Internet Connection

Having said that, the setup time for this tutorial should be well under blackberry curve modem minutes, and requires 2 the following items:. Curev would you want to do this?

Double-click on the connection titled “BlackBerry. Step 1 Ensure that your BlackBerry is connected to your computer.


BlackBerry Curve 9320 support.

Step 4 Right-click on the “Standard Modem” icon then select the “Properties” tab. I have a blackberry curve and have tried the above instructions. I knew some and they deserve the very high ratings. Can someone please confirm if this is cudve and blackberry curve modem to do it inc settings, etc Thanks, Stephen. Right-click on the “Standard Modem” icon then select the “Properties” tab.

You can now use your BlackBerry to curvve other devices to the internet in two ways: If you’ve never used your BlackBerry as a modem before, you’ll need to configure it first.

Your feedback is totally appreciated.