At the telephoto end, the T33’s 0. A much lower resolution x option, known as Video mail, is also available. Through a Record menu option, the Sony DSC-T33 also offers a Multi Burst mode, which captures an extremely rapid frame burst of images, at a selectable rate of 7. In Playback mode, this button calls up the single-image erase menu, letting you delete the currently displayed image. Have a look at our photo gallery and decide if the photo quality meets your expectations. Standard records at 16 frames per second, while Fine records at 30 frames per second and requires Memory Stick PRO Duo media to support the necessary data rates. The animated LCD displays have the same basic options and characteristic Sony labeling, but with a slightly updated layout that’s still straightforward and simple to navigate.

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Sony DSC T33 Digital Camera Review (pics, specs) – DigitalCameraReview

3t3 “viewing” is about all it does — you can print and rotate your images, but that’s it. Probably the biggest issue is something I’ve seen on other “folding lens” cameras the DSC-T1 includedand that’s softness.

Because of this cost difference the Sony T33 should really be purchased by somebody that places a high-value on light weight and easy to transport devices. Continuing downward we find the four-way controller, which is used for menu navigation and also for:.

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T33

Both Snow and Beach modes bias the exposure system to help avoid the underexposure problems most cameras have with overall-bright scenes of this sort. I strongly recommend buying at least a 64MB card, preferably a MB one, to give yourself extra space for extended outings.

Unlike most digicam LCDs though, the screen on the Sony T33 is “transflective,” which means that it functions rsc bit as well in full sunlight as it does under indoor conditions. The lower the resolution, the more smart zoom you can use.

The other important part of color rendition is hue accuracy. The focal t333 of the lens is 6. High Speed Shutter mode is best for moving subjects, y33 uses faster shutter speeds to freeze action.

Standard records at 16 frames per second, while Fine records at 30 frames per second and requires Memory Stick PRO Duo media to support the necessary data rates. If you want to connect to a computer or a television, you must use the included camera dock. Both Twilight modes optimize the camera for low-light shooting by allowing shutter times as long as two seconds, while Landscape mode sets the camera up for shooting broad vistas.

OK, now back to our regularly scheduled review The Sony Real Imaging Processor provides a very fast startup time for this camera, enhanced color reproduction, improved signal ddsc noise ratio that all combine to give you the ability to fire up the camera fast and take clean pictures.


English Select a language English Spanish.

To the right of the Shutter button, this button turns the camera on and off. Storage The included 32MB card is the bare minimum for a 5 megapixel camera.

There’s also an t33 to use Sony’s Smart Zoom digital zoom up to 12x, which simply crops out the central portion of the CCD’s image, without interpolating it to a larger-size file. Never miss an update again!

There are two ways to charge the T33’s battery. The remaining few camera controls are on the back panel, along with the very large, 2. The difference between the Auto and Program shooting modes is that the menus are locked down while in Auto mode.

Because digital cameras are more like slide film than negative film in that they tend to have a more limited tonal rangewe test them in the harshest situations to see how they handle scenes with bright highlights and dark shadows, as well as what kind of sensitivity they have in low light.

Bottom line, the Sony T33 wouldn’t be a first choice for after-dark photography. Files are named DSC0.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T33 Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

Due to my limited resources, please do not e-mail me asking for a personal recommendation. An AF illuminator lamp on the front of the camera helps focus at low light levels, a very handy feature I wish more digicam manufacturers would add to their cameras.

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The Vario-Tessar lens is specially produced for compact cameras and provides rapid auto focus with 3x zoom, and additional 2x zoom gives an overall 6x zoom. The Sony DSC-T33 has a flat bottom panel, which holds the dual-slot memory card and battery compartment, as well as the connector jack for the USB cradle.

The following options are available:.

After a few shots I downloaded pix to my laptop and saw they were indeed not great for much but 4×6 snapshots UNTIL I checked the resolution it was set at by Normal focus ranges from approximately 1.

This mode lets you review captured images on the memory card, erase them, protect them, set them up for printing, etc. A nice, high-speed continuous mode that’s quite a bit faster than those normally found on subcompact digital cameras.