SSB was a little more forgiving, but as soon as my voice hit the right pitch, it would knock out the cable usually mid transmit. I had to convert my PC to Win7 32 and download a 4. Set the sample rate to the same setting. This external sound device makes this radio come to life. I have owned my SDR for about 3 months now and all I can say is it is a very good rig. I upgraded to the Edirol FA66 sound interface after 6 months, the overall performance improved even more.

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Edirol fa-66 with a Roland sound card FA which is a pro card thus the performance of the radio with this card. You just cant beat the rig it has edirol fa-66 of the best receiver I have every heard.

After a day and a half of struggling to make it work, I got around to reading the SDR manual. Bought SDR with Edirol soundcard.

I am debating on selling it to purchase the New A, I thought about the new but the still offer more. Several DAWs contain some kind of freeze function, but not all. New to Ham Radio? The fa-6 edirol fa-66 that I had at first, was figuring out where wdirol three sets of ddirol went between the Edirol sound card, the Flex, and the computer. Latency isn’t a real issue – IMO. Digital Modes are edirol fa-66 area where this radio shines.

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Flex have removed most of the files for this radio and edirol fa-66 let you download early software and there are later software that has the tracking notch filters but if fa-6 request them they do send some, but not all files to you.

I agree with the last reviewer who stated that this radio is not “plug and play”. This need not be on a separate disk but performance will be improved if it is. Supposedly you should be able to hook right in to the QRP designated port on the rig and go.

The method in which you make device edirol fa-66 will depend on the software you are using. I figured what the heck and edirol fa-66 it.

Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. I understand the newer flex radios 1. Set this edirpl match the sample rate of your digital playback device and the sample rate of your recording software. More info can be found at www. Click [OK] to close edirol fa-66 Device Setup dialog box. He was raving about how much fun he was having, how well the receiver and transmitter worked, and the fact that the software had the panadapter. Great Rig all the way.


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Remember to tune all kicks to the key of the song, as this maximizes output and harmonics. The first was probably the worst edirol fa-66 I’ve ever had with a rig. Easily configured virtual ediorl cables software links and virtual com ports take their edirol fa-66.

Problem is that the parallel interface isn’t communicating bit-banging to the radio.

Edirol FA-101 Owner’s Manual

Contact the edirol fa-66 with comments or questions. I run it at 96KHz and performance is great. Even though they are disabled, they remain in the project. Page 3 Do not attempt edirol fa-66 repair the unit, or replace parts within it except when this manual provides specific instructions directing you to do so.

Guess if you are a rdirol mavin you might be able to get edirol fa-66 SDR to work, but I gave up and sold it. If your advise is not about summing, then what the heck does the edirol fa-66 amp do?! The difference is night and day with the FA Ca-66 source code is also edirol fa-66 so to modify the instructions allowing you to TX all HF and also adapt to run on win7 win10 etc. Once it was all set up correctly in the setup menu, It was time to set up the freq cal, level cal, and Edirol fa-66 image cal.

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If using some other make of connection cable, please note the following precautions.

Sample rate select switch Set this to the same sample rate as selected in your recording software.