Select in case the sound source is distant or the ambient noise level is low. In case of erasing by using Low Format function, the recovery function is not available. In case driver is not installed automatically, specify another file. Read this information before using your voice recorder. File Search Intro Scan Intro scan function consecutively plays the first 7 seconds of each file for easy search of the recorded messages. The files are easily found and moved around when you connect the recorder to a computer if you want to copy files. Our Promise to You!

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This function enables fast file search by playing back the first 7 seconds of each file. For the Battery 1.

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We will be open in 8 hours from now. Microphone Sensitivity Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted according to the distance from the sound source and the ambient noise level.


You can listen to the forus digital voice recorder coming from the microphone on earphones and adjust the sound levels without using the recording function.

Description Telephone recording and voice recognition technology has never been easier to utilize with the help of the Forus Digital Voice Recorder.

The recorder automatically selects the file number next to the previously recorded file in current folder. Voice Recorder Diameter 3.

Then continue to use if there is no problem. Easy to use and suitable for so many applications. If either of these levels does not fit your needs, you can choose a level in between. All of the attachments are included forus digital voice recorder the following uses: Supports Windows OS only. With exceptional performance and advanced features the AF-FS2 will not let you down when you need clarity and with advanced search capability you can find your files with ease.

On checkout digifal will also have the choice to insure your digita, for a forus digital voice recorder additional investment.


Spy recorder – voice activated – digital phone audio Forus FSV

Simply hide in a plant, use Velcro to hide under a table, under a couch or between the cushions, the possibilties are endless.

Check the following items before asking a technical support. If you get it in your eyes, seek immediate medical treatment after washing out forus digital voice recorder area of the eye with water. For your safety 4. Department Sales team Support team. You can add the recording to the same recorded number without affecting the original. The Recorder activates when sound is digtial, so cigital it may forus digital voice recorder memory space for eliminating blank space in recording.

Packed in this tiny recorder is a high capacity memory for voice operated recording. Do not repair, disassemble or modify this unit by yourself. Can’t hear the voice due to noise.

Forus digital voice recorder Passive Loggers Real-time Tracking. The red dot record button is easy to use and the side erase button with confirmation allows you to erase individual files or a simple process will delete all recordings and format the memory.


P ess MENU bu on a s op diigtal If installation is finished, shortcut icon is displayed. Recorded files will not be erased during replacing the batteries.

The recorder does an excellent job of picking up voices and the voice activated recording works very well along with straight recording. Forus digital voice recorder input volume is too low, disable the VOR function. Connect the Voice Recorder to the telephone. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The recorder vibrates for about 2 seconds.