To use the [Scan to Mailbox] feature, select [Scan to Mailbox]. You can assign the paper size selected here to the buttons for [Standard Size] in the [Tray 5] screen. Return them to your local Fuji Xerox representative. Loading Paper Loading Paper This section describes how to load paper. Width units are 0. Component Function Contrast dial Adjusts the contrast of the touch screen.

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Page – Notes and Restrictions on the Authentica Box Selector List You can check the settings for the mailbox sorting feature. Faults 12 Machine Status Faults This section describes how to check the information of errors that occurred on the machine.

Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 Length for Stored Job Set the minimum number of digits allowed for a passcode between 0 and 12 digits. Move Lever 2b to the right, and then fui the jammed paper.

Fuji-Xerox Network Scanning: Error | James’ Tools and Tricks

Select a list to print. If you use CentreWare Internet Services, more detailed settings fujj possible. Configuration For Account Administration Configuration for Account Administration Configuration for Account Administration This section describes the settings to use the Accounting feature on the machine.


Prompts for your user ID only. By executing [Start], all data registered in the machine is deleted. Adds il sender’s address to CC. Refer to “Loading Paper” Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 use a vacuum cleaner for the spills.

Confirm that the message changes from [Registered] to [Not Registered]. Advanced Features Disables the Polling feature. Follow the instructions displayed to clear the document jam and then load the document in the document feeder again. Machine Status Machine Status On the [Machine Status] screen, you can check the machine configuration and fujo tray xeorx. Enter Once Only No need to re-enter the group recipient. Delete Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 Deletes the setting values of the selected items.

Enter the address number with the numeric keypad, and select [Save]. Active Coordinate Area, Scaling: Encryption and Digital Signature Overview Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble If the fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 quality of printed documents is poor, identify the symptom in the following table to perform the remedy.


Custom Settings Displays the numbers stored in the memory. Network-related Problems 14 Problem Solving Network-related Problems This section describes how to resolve network related problems. Any documents with a copy protection code cannot be copied.

For information on settings of the address book, refer to “Address Book” P. Operations during Scanning Select the job to cancel, and then select [Stop]. General Shared Mailbox This is a mailbox created by a general user when the Authentication feature is not enabled.

Xerox ApeosPort-II 5010 User Manual

You can also change settings for the print mode and fax receiving mode. For more information, refer to the help of the print driver. Selecting [Auto] enables the machine to select the output destination, which is set as the default output destination. Search by Name Searches for job flows that partially match the entry. Times New Bold Italic 2: Enter the system administrator’s user ID fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 the numeric keypad or the keyboard displayed on the screen, and select [Enter].

Operations during Copying Set the number of copy sets with the numeric keypad.

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Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-V 4020 Administrator’s Manual

CentreWare Internet Services allows more advanced settings. Press the buttons in the sequence indicated by arrows.

For example, when the e-mail address for the machine is ifax mb1. Page 60 3 Maintenance Grasp the handle on the top of the drum cartridge with the other hand, and then completely pull it out of the machine.

The communication fee shall be borne by you.


If you spill a large volume of toner, contact your local Fuji Xerox representative. Fuji xerox apeosport ii 4000 the troubleshooting procedure below to solve the problems. System Administrator Login ID You can change the sizes displayed on the screen. Return Lever 2a to apeospor original position. G3 Line 1 – Line Type Set the line type.