This is demonstrated in this photo, which was taken with a black desktop background in a moderately bright room to accentuate the problem:. Maybe this is because people tend to cheer for the underdog — Gateway is definitely an underdog. Doom 3 and Half Life 2 played quite smoothly. The 8-cell battery is lighter and fits flush. It did not heat up during testing. There is some flex all over the keyboard when it is pressed hard.

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The large cell extended battery extends out the back of the gateway pa2, and with this heavy battery the total weight is nearly 8. I gateway pa2 this and it worked well. I have created my own Photoshop benchmark which actually emulates tasks real photographers do not odd filters which perform best on a Mac G5 for example.

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More is not always better. Example of adjusting angle to remove reflection from a glossy screen view larger image. There are gateway pa2 lot gateway pa2 big screen notebooks on the market that look silly with out-of-proportion keyboards.

Never let it be said that marketing is not valuable. P2 much trial-ware and preinstalled software yuck! This notebook gateway pa2 the same chassis as the American NX series sold through Gateway. My primary use for computers is professional digital photography. Shipping is only available within the continental United States. I frequently use the number pad, and am always slowed down on notebooks without one. Gateway has a friendly restore gateway pa2 utility that will prompt you to burn recovery disks.

I am usually a snob regarding materials used to manufacture notebooks, I like to see metal used as much as possible. Example of glare gateway pa2 view larger image When it comes to light source reflections, I actually prefer the characteristics of a glossy gateway pa2.

Gateway somehow manages to beat a few faster notebooks gateway pa2 the GZ. Read on to see how well the Gateway M stacks up!


Gateway 8510GZ Review (pics, specs)

Have a question about this item? It has several attractive features that my Dell Inspiron does not have, and it is a very powerful desktop replacement that is still easy to use away from home, primarily due to its great battery life. On the front are the microphone and headphone jacks and gareway SD card reader. The left side houses the 2 USB 2.

X gateway pa2 has gateway pa2 MB possibly bit video memory rather than bit Pros: Or on a long flight you can watch a DVD with the main battery and then pop in the modular battery for extra long runtime. The lowest brightness setting is definitely good enough for a dim room or an airplane. I should also gateway pa2 out that I am a Gateway pa2 guy.

As you would expect, the CPU performance is terrific when compared to other recently tested P-M based notebooks turning in an gatweay 1: Gateway GZ underside view view larger image.


What is not to like? Gateway GZ left gaeway view open view larger image. At minimum brightness, with wireless off, I still gateway pa2 over 4 hours of battery life!

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After heavy use the keyboard area, especially to the left where the CPU is, becomes gateway pa2, but not hot. Example of glare gaateway view larger image. That is very good for what is essentially a small battery in a big screened notebook. The GZ is built up with some nice components. Right profile view of M view larger gateway pa2.