That’s the only con to this as I see it. Rated 5 out of 5 by Tech Illustrator from I can’t stand using a mouse now.! The new tablet and pen are indispensible. The tablet is very simple to use. To the touch, the active work area feels similar to paper and is of course centered on the device, separated by only a thin bezel. I love the size of the medium. In this review we’re going to provide an overview of the product, its features and try unleashing our creative side using Open Source graphic software with the Wacom Intuos4.

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The nib is sensitive, requiring iintuos4 pressure to register a response. Reminiscent of an inkwell. Not even the one supplied with the tablet. Reduce nib wear and protect the surface of your Intuos4 with one of these covers. Another notable download is a gnome graphical front-end for wacom-tools package called Wacom Control Panel.

Wacom Intuos4 Digital Tablet (Medium) PTK B&H Photo Video

I actually find the pressure levels to be almost too varied. There were occasional disgruntled customers but their sources of frustration seemed a bit picky to me. It is so easy to use, I was intimidated at first, which is why I didn’t get it early on, now feel like a fool intuoa4 all the years I missed out on using it. For years I have been using a mouse to produce technical illustrations.


WACOM – INTUOS4 – MEDIUM | Photoshop feels much more natural… | Flickr

Ideal for use with imaging applications such as Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop, the tablet allows you to manipulate images with a digital pen: Each has a corresponding illuminated LED that will display assigned functions. Rated 5 out of 5 by Tech Illustrator from I can’t stand using a mouse now.! When dealing with Open Source software, we sometimes encounter unexplained complications.

When I opened the product and connected it to my computer, I was impressed that I had purchased an excellent product and I have not changed my mind.

Mostly what made me get it is the chiropractor, the mouse was killing me. It takes up a bit of desktop real estate.

Wacom Intuos4 (Medium) Review

Since then, I purchased this medium sized tablet due to some space limitations. Wacom manufactures a variety of products to meet industry and individual needs.

My only issue of note is that, when you go to to get the bundled software, do NOT choose painter sketchpad. I don’t use a mouse any more intuks4 for anything. We will be glad to help to the best of our ability. The Intuos4 is capable of recording levels of pressure, giving it the ability to recognize extremely subtle pressure for light brush strokes. Rated 4 out of 5 by ImagesbyCarl from I didn’t know how much better it could b I have been using an Intuos2 for several years and recently it was giving me intermitant problems.


My only negative is it’s hard to keep track of the pen: The new tablet and pen are indispensible. I intuoz4 my workflow was about to get a boost but I never anticipated it was going to be this significant. I customized it with bright tape. Software configuration is beyond the scope of this article, so I’d like to keep on track with reviewing the actual hardware, not the Linux software.


All support questions or problem reports should be directed to the independent programmers. Simply turn the device degrees, move the detachable cable to an alternate USB port and presto, effortless right or left hand orientation in the matter of seconds.

The outer housing is constructed from plastic which makes for light weight, easy transportation.

Nice improvement could be to add a sharp color to distinguish it from the mess on any typical desk. One distinct adjustment over its predecessor Intuos3 is the grouping of ExpressKeys and addition of a Touch Ring controller. The Wacom Intuos4 graphics tablet is a pressure sensitive computer input device that allows free-hand drawing, similar to traditional pencil and paper artistry. The finger-sensitive Touch Ring is a large wheel interface similar to those you’d see on Apple products.


The Intuos4 product line for example is marketed towards professional digital artists.