There are virtually no more Oasys cards left. I did not notice any latency! So it will be highly unlikely that you will find drivers somewhere for this card. I do have the newest drivers also. I fired up logic and it was able to see the core2 only after i created an asio folder and made a dupe of the driver and stuck it in said folder. That MP plug in is kinda weird. It seems to work good in Reason.

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OT – Lexicon Core 2 + MPX100 Drivers for Win XP

Maybe I should just stick the AM3 in the other computer, lexicon core 2 to it and use it as a dedicated SD2 machine. I am fortunate enough to have one, and Lexicon core 2 can attest to the fact that the effects are amazing, as well as the coolness of having a Triton inside my computer to compliment the Triton sitting outside my computer. St Petersburg, FL Status: I remembered at around 4 am, but Any ideas on how I can get the Core 2 to work? Is there anyway to use this as a stand alone reverb without using a VST plugs or will i have to use Cubase or Logic?


Are we sure it’s not a 9. They gave me some suggestions and i will try them tonite. I aleady knew about this and my friend also. lexicon core 2

Lexicon core2 Drivers

What is your favorite sampler and why! Apparently it is a rock solid card when lexion with OS9. Switched off the power lexicon core 2, once the rebooted,still having the outputs sending hash, open lexipanel, hard freeze!

I have the MP too. Mac OS 9 booting on: Don’t let GC charge you any more than that. OK, here comes the real debacle On the MP note.

Ableton Forum • View topic – Support For Lexicon Core 2 Soundcard (asio)

He said cool and he said he’d get me the best price and did. Daniel May llexicon, Forums Lexicon core 2 Latest Posts. I wonder if Reason can communicate with 2 cards? I did not have enough cables laying around and i was too tired, lazy to try routing the 8 analog and 8 ADAT into Lexicon core 2 from reason, but i might try it today.

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I think i did not do the ADAT out correctly. I talked to 10 guitar centers for the Oasys,no one has em and they all wanted And Reason tells me lexicon core 2 latency is 6 milliseconds!!!!

Also, i noticed if lexicon core 2 donot disable the inputs in the LexiControl Panel for the MP, and launch Reason, the FX that is defaulted, gate, i think, is automatically set up on the output, or is it the last FX used. User Control Panel Log out. Thanks for the info dude!

View More Photo Galleries. I tried both versions of the Core 2 software.

kexicon WhiteWarlock May 31, You downloaded lexicon core 2 latest drivers from lexicons website? I clicked on the mp tab and saw that you could route any in to any out or any out to any out? I fired lexicon core 2 Cubase and it looks good. I’ll just use the same machine for Reason and the reverbs and keep my PT machine sperate.