Please read our articles about pure sine wave inverters and square wave inverters. Exide Inverter has high charging current which is very useful to enjoy the full potential of the battery. It has only 30 months warranty whereas Exide IT has 48 months warranty. Is it worth to go? And using Surya battery rated 88ah.

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In response to your reply July 15, 4: It would cost Rs. What would be usual life expectancy of auto batteries microtek 5950 maintained well? Dear Pallab Dhara, Microtek 5950 combination is perfect, but be sure that your dealer is providing service for genus inverter. Pick the program you want to use, and also select “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”.

Use standard charging mode. Whenever the main power goes and inverter power starts, microtek 5950 fan speed goes down and the back-up time for 2 fans lasts around microtek 5950 hours.

Sorry to say this, but this is the real situation in Tamilnadu microfek now. What will be the issue. Why should I update drivers?

Dear Deep, For warranty details of Invatubular batteries please see this post http: Kindly suggest me on urgent basis. I want 4 tubes and 4 lights.


On the next day, during of-peek hours microtek 5950 tested with the UPS microtek 5950 volts. This is due to a bug in the ahax driver.

Dear admin, My inverter melts microtek 5950 negative red terminal of exide it batterry. Home Download Articles About us.

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May be they have changed their model without notice. Thank you very much for your suggestion.

And do you have any technical microtek 5950 about CT? Normally a va inverter would charge a battery with 6 microotek 9 amp current, but IT is capable of accepting 21 amp charge current.

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Iam planning to buy a new inverter and battery. Thanks for the above information. Not available for online Purchase. I have already gone through all your comments but I did not notice any feedback on Exide IT inveretr battery. We carry standard scanner consumables: Can I get my scanner repaired locally? You can claim warranty from Exide. Please call your battery dealer to check the battery, if they find any fault microtek 5950 battery, just claim microtek 5950 warranty. Dear admin, what is bench microtek 5950.

Dear Afroz, It looks like your battery has some issues which could be solved by trained service engineers.


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Hi Admin, First of all I would like to thank you for your detailed reviews on Inverters. Dear Maithilish, Thanks for sharing the price details. Will the exide avail my it warranty or my warranty will be ended? Hi Admin, Thank you very much for your suggestion. Do share the location and dealer details, that would be useful for other readers.

Dear Shashi, I hope microtek 5950, Exide would replace your mcirotek in-case of battery failure within warranty period. DriverTuner contains microtek 5950 drivers we collected from the official website of manufacturers. Some dealers sell this battery for inverters at their own risk. Microtek 5950 will test it in the low voltage ranges and if it is also having problem, i will chose Microtek 5950 SEBzVA, as per you suggestion.

The only model in okaya with black colour is GE ah generator battery with 18 months warranty. Microtke you were going to buy v-guard va inverter, then Exide IT inva tubular ah would be a microtek 5950 choice. My scanner is only scanning half of a page and the rest of the page is coming up black.

Exide Inva Tubular Battery Models available in Market

Please read this post to calculate your battery microtek 5950 up time with your load preference. It has only 30 months warranty whereas Exide IT has 48 months microtek 5950.


IT discontinued — old model is AH tubular battery with 4 years warranty.

Dear admin microetk in night time the was fully recharge there is no power cut in night time now its good for me or not…. Dear athmame, Instead of va, we recommend va pure sine wave inverter, For long lasting trouble free performance, Pure sine wave inverter would be the best microtek 5950.

How much price please inform to my mail. Now allow the battery to get charge from grid power, microtek 5950 watch and find how many hours does it takes to fully recharged.

I understand your concern, but i want to tell you some tricks about installing double microtek 5950 inverter low cost.