They are unavoidable for the correct functioning of our shop. The focuser was frankly astounding in its quality and I marvelled at how Moonlite could turn them out at the price they ask. This is no refelection on the Moonlite and I would suspect most Crayford style focusers are prone to this. This provides the correct spacing and adds much needed weight on the focuser side of the telescope. After several more jogs and images, I came real close to focus at steps: I resolved to correct this with an external focuser and naturally Moonlite was my first thought.

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No maintenance should be required on the reduction unit as it is packed with lithium low temperature grease for the life of its operation.

Lechner Electric Leica Binoculars and Spot. Shipping costs Moonlite extra long drawtube for 2. No more fociser as you rotate the fine controls to get sharper focus. This was my fifth V-curve on a night of average seeing.


Please note that only latin characters, numbers and common special characters can be entered. THey can be stacked on a curve adapter to place the focuser at the required height.

It is important to consider focuser parameters when replacing your existing focuser with a low profile, Crayford model. The numbers provided match our resolution.

Cookies are small text objects that are exchanged between browser and web server in encrypted form. The drawtube has been polished to remove all machine marks and hard anodized resulting in the action having a moolnite smooth feel.

Teleskop-Express: Moonlite 2″ Crayford Newtonian focuser – – with Shaft-Lock

focuer To be honest, this step isn’t absolutely necessary but I like to do it for 3 reasons: I instructed FM to Jog out to steps and took another image: Advantages of the MoonLite Newtonian Crayford focuser: Beside the curve adapters we make Install kits, these kits match up with the existing bolt holes and make installing a focuser much easier due to not having to drill new mounting holes.

Use the Jog feature in FM to send your drawtube inward. However, this is at the expense of the full usability of this shop. You start off buying a telescope and the next thing you know you have lost all sight of that Prada handbag and start focusing if fochser pardon the pun on Astro ‘bling’. A shorter travel drawtube could also be selected for this example.


The ideal setting is to have it adjusted so the focuser can hold the heaviest load presented without slipping and requiring no additional force. Mini V2 and DRO dual port display controller specs: It does not include all the advanced features of FM.

The new Slip Clutch provides customers to ability to choose between manual or automated motorized operation of the focuser. Please call to schedule. From here on all you have to do to focus is center a mag 4 star and select “Focus”. At this point I would click Focus in the lower right FM window.

Installing a MoonLite Refractor Focuser

Or do a course adjustment foccuser turning the 2 set screws a small amount CW located on each side of the fine Nylon thumb screw adjustment. Dual rate focuser owners may want to break in the 8: The 2″ format rotator adds 1. Both controllers have a remote temp probe so customers can use temp compensation operation in there ASCOM programs. If your min focuser height is 3″ and your max height is 4. It may look like ‘astro bling’ but the Moonlite is a superb piece of mponlite that will make focusing a dream.


About us Contact Terms Login. All Crayford style focusers require a clean bearing to drawtube surface for smooth operation.

With a mag 4 star centered and roughly in focus, we’re just about ready moonltie run our first V-curve. If the drawtube ever slips, I know where to start.