Welcome to the PC Pitstop Driver Library, the internet’s most complete and comprehensive source for driver information. You can find the base address of your parallel port in Device Manager. I am using a MosChip card, and have received a report that the software also works with the MosChip More recently, as serial ports on computers have become increasingly rare, some newer radios have incorporated a USB-to-serial adapter internally, so that the hardware connection to the radio is a simple USB cable. Specify PCIe Bridge for the product family. Now exit the software, and browse to its installation directory.

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There are a couple of reasons.

Check this Windows setting:. You will need to make appropriate provision with a diode matrix on the output of your band decoder to select the appropriate mowchip or antennas when a given code is sent from the program to moschip pci parallel port lpt1 – decoder. The program can interface with your radio using several ports from the computer. Make a back-up copy of it, then open it in a text editor. In that case, however, two special considerations may apply:.

This software allows you to use Gitti Ieo’s Willem programmer software using a parallel port at a non-legacy address such as moschip pci parallel port lpt1 – PCI expansion card. At the computer end or the hardware connection, if the computer does not have serial ports a USB-to-serial adapter can usually be substituted. Now exit the software, and browse to its installation directory.


All of these interfaces appear to the computer software like a standard RS serial port, but the hardware actually used varies considerably.

Additional Parallel Port Interfacing 5. The “send corrected call sign” feature does not work with this method. The number of characters that can be sent in such a message moschip pci parallel port lpt1 – limited e.

List the bands for each antenna with a comma separating them – e. Specify PCIe Bridge for the product family. Band decoder output 6. Check the Winkeyer manual for more information.

You use this software at your own risk. In that case, a ohm isolation transformer in the cable between sound card and transceiver is the cure.

This pin is also used to stop the message sent on the hardware DVK.

Connect a 10k resistor between pin 6 and pin 7. It has not been thoroughly tested.

2.5.1 Serial Parallel and Sound Card Interfacing

Failing that, check that you have set the working directory properly lp1 running the software, as it may not pick up io. Second, sound-card CW is fraught with problems, including audio noise in your CW, RF interference to the CW tones, and the possibility of generating two or three separate CW signals due to audio harmonics.

Included in this zip file is a cut-down version of io. Closing the footswitch pulls pin 15 low and performs the function selected in the configurer. The footswitch wires can not be referenced or connected to ground. Therefore it has to be longer than the duration of your CQ message at the slowest CW speed you use.


Using an opto-Isolator moschip pci parallel port lpt1 – 4.

Remapped IO.DLL

While we can’t afford the space to deal exhaustively with this topic, there are several good resources – the RFI reflector RFI contesting. LPT pin Function 1. These external radio control interfaces require DC power, which can either be supplied separately, or in some cases from one of the RS control lines usually DTR or RTSin which case the control line supplying the DC power must be configured to be always on.

Radio manufacturers moschip pci parallel port lpt1 – supplied various means for interfacing radios with computers for radio control functions. These two devices must be configured separately, regardless of the fact that they share a single cable. Driver Matic finally has made it simple and easy to keep your drivers up to date. New drivers can unlock additional features for a moschip pci parallel port lpt1 – that may not have been available before.

Using a transistor 3. Then connect a normally open footswitch between pin 15 and pin 18 of LPT1. It only exposes three of the functions in io.

N1MM Logger Website | Serial Parallel and Sound Card Interfacing

Choosing Pcu CW Method 3. Also, with many wireless adapters it is important to stay current as updates often contain security fixes. Again, either a true serial port or a USB-to-serial adapter can be used at the computer end of the connection. These chips are used both in single-port cards and in combination cards 2 serial and pagallel parallel, for examplebut have only moschip pci parallel port lpt1 – systematically tested in the one LPT port variant.

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Remapped 01 • 01

The following procedure is not likely to be necessary, but you may still wish to use it to moschip pci parallel port lpt1 – “phantom” not used, but unavailable serial ports from your system. Editing call signs on the fly does not work with this method. Moscyip program action will be on footswitch closure. In this case consider a USB-to-serial port adapter. If you have any problems, contact me at benryves benryves. Nevertheless, the drivers for these USB ports still appear to the software to be standard RS serial ports.

Of course, you can always use one of the many commercial audio interfaces designed primarily for digital modes.

LPT pin 14 is the complement of Pin 3. Click for a larger image.