Make sure you have all your windows drivers up to date. How far away from the router is the TV? But like I said above, no 2 system are a like. Great hopefully telstra put plans up ill be happy with a little more Are you on the GB plan, if not, upgrade to that. I don’t know how to explain on the phone my speed boost has not been applied. Then I ran in to some conflicting info: Is it normal to fluctuate from 6ms all the way to 20ms on the same route at any given time of day, and only 10 hops away?

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There is a list on the Telstra site. Have you updated your network card to the latest? Your download speed is 1. Appears they put cabld on an Elite plan.

The N1 Vision certainly won’t do 1Gbps through the WAN port as it routing, not just switching, but this review suggests that it will do just over Mbps. Best I ever get is about 35 down.

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If it’s functioning well, leave it at this time Ok thanks heaps: I too get around 40ishMb from my mobiles, tablets, mp3 players, consoles, etc. Just had Ultimate Cable installed.

They had confirmed on Friday that I was on Cable 3. Recently switched back to wired connection.

Official Cable Ultimate/Super Fast Speedboost Speedtest Thread – Cable – Telstra Broadband

Kept calling them and they kept saying they would send out a tech, I booked in a tech but new it wasn’t the problem. You hardly notice a reduction in speed.

The technician will say it’s sudfboard account issue. But like I said above, no 2 system are a like. So I asked the pertinent question: I finally Got Ultimate connected http: Also will look at the frequency.

You need to read the critical summary information to find which ones.

Then click on “Click here to restart your cable modem” then it should connect at that frequency hopefully. Any feedback would be most appreciative Switching in a month and a bit now. Do you have a antenna sold separately connected motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem the TV? If not, repeat until you see the frequency Or was it last year? The latest one is a Netgear CGD It is all fine to get great speed to a local server but testing against locations in other countries will help motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem see how speeds are going to be when general surfing.


Oh well I’m happy now I know my connection is capable of mbps. Press the button on the modem and let it frequency lock sync to the net Start your computer and when you get to the desktop, try browsing the net. It seems you’re still on the default frequency. Can anyone tell me why my ping is so high?

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If they cant fix it, they can put me down to Elite. I am the opposite. Signal to Noise Ratio: Seems to be during the evening. I can max my connection. I am very happy, my speeds are always like this — http: By any chance can someone who is on cable in Melbourne do motorola surfboard 5120 usb cable modem a favour and ping this ip for me: Click apply when you have done all this.

Here is a guide to doing that.

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