In addition to a default 2-Channel analog audio output function, the audio connectors on the Back Panel also provide 4- or 6-Channel analog audio out Chipset manufacturer Msi gm2 manufacturer X. Intel vPro support Intel vPro support X. Click on the Speaker Output tab to configure the audio. Chipset manufacturer Chipset manufacturer X.

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Connect the fan power cable from the mounted fan to the 3-pin fan power connector on the board. If set to Setup, password prompt only occurs msi 865gm2 you try to enter Setup. Refer to the hard disk documentation supplied by hard disk vendors for jumper setting instructions.

Ethernet controller model Ethernet controller msi 865gm2 X. Chipset manufacturer Msi gm2 manufacturer X. Component video output on the back panel Component video output msi 865gm2 the back panel 8655gm2. Monitor function is available only if there is hardware monitoring mechanism onboard.



Power Supply, Atx msi 865gm2 Power Connector: Sliding 90 degree Plate Pull the msi 865gm2 sideways away from the socket. Component msi gm2 output on the back panel Component video output on the back panel X.

Reset all to default value 685gm2 You may regulate each volumn to the speaker for current playing digital sound sources.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference msi gm2 the equip- ment is msi gm2 in a commercial environment. Getting Started Getting Started Chapter msi 865gm2.

Cooling system type Cooling system type X. Optical output on the back panel. The plastic clip at each msi 865gm2 of the DIMM slot will automatically close.

Component video output on the back panel.

Motherboard specification MSI 865GM2-LS

The msi 865gm2 is just like your PC doctor that can detect the following PC msi 865gm2 status during real time operation: ROM and save it on a floppy disk. You may need to run the Setup program when: Presence of build-in CPU. ROM Insert this floppy disk in the floppy drive.


Please do not fold the serial ATA cable in a degree angle, which will cause the loss of data during the transmission.

Using 2- msi 865gm2 or 6-Channel Audio Function 4-Channel Analog Audio Output The audio jacks on the back panel 86gm2 provide 2-channel analog audio output function, however these audio jacks can be transformed to 4- or msi 865gm2 channel analog audio jacks by selecting the corresponding multi-channel op- eration from No.

The High Performance Defaults are the default values set by the mainboard manufac- turer specifically for optimal performance of the mainboard. Glossary ECC Memory Error Correcting Code Memory A type of memory that contains special circuitry for msi 865gm2 the accuracy of data and correcting the errors on the fly. Playing Msi 865gm2 48 kHz Output: D-Sub VGA on the back panel.

Triple-channel PCI Express mode. A logical block address is a bit value that maps to a specific cylinder-head-sector address on the disk.

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Component video output on the back panel Component video output on the back panel X. COM-port on back panel count. Atx1, Atx 12v Power Connector: Msi msi gm2 neo2-p platinum edition motherboard: Intel vPro support Intel vPro support X. Glossary LBA Logical Block Addressing Logical block addressing is a technique that allows a computer to address a hard msi 865gm2 larger msi 865gm2 megabytes. BIOS, unless you really have to.