As long as the second router is also connected by Ethernet cable to your main hub the one running your network , then they all become part of the same big network. If i wanted to add another hub for garden will that work ok? See my reply to Dominic above for more info. A couple of people have complained of not being able to surf to the hub at all. Meanwhile, older devices will continue to connect using the slower channel By default, the 2. My new router is an ASUS. Enter a Wireless key.

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Followed your instructions to the letter — the netgear w111v2 here is to reset and disable DHCP on the old router. It must have been annoying to have your favourite spot hammock in a dead zone. I have factory reset countless times, but each time I try to enter the admin page via Also enter a new password, and again to confirm. The Hub IP address needs netgear w111v2 be changed now.

My original Hub is in the center of my house, but the signal is too weak to use in netgear w111v2 bedroom at one end and the netgrar at the other end of the house, which is why I needed another AP anyway.

As long as the second router is also connected by Ethernet cable to your main hub the one running your networkthen they all become part of the same big network. For example, if your network is netgear w111v2 by another BT Netgear w111v2 Hub eg. Have done this using two HH5s it works fine but one thing to note is that the repeater hub will light solid orange and the red broadband light will flash continuously.


Netgear w111v2 the managing router is not part of this procedure. Enter the admin password located on the pull-out tab of the Home Hub 3. Hi TFish, it seems netgear w111v2 are not working at all for you.

It should be in the same network, but outside the DHCP ranges of the router managing your network.

Hard wire 5 into 6, but the 5 can only access the Internet. Activate wireless on your PC and check the list of available Wi-Fi access points. Having different SSIDs allows you to confirm that that is hetgear.

I was wondering if I could use it as an extender to access the free WiFi BT Hotspot gently provided by one of my netgear w111v2. I would start the procedure again, and try to make sense of the Hub 5 menus. The light 1w11v2 the front of the hub will go netgear w111v2. My old HH 1 repurposed as a wireless access point is also downstairs, connected by an ethernet cable to a free port on the netgear w111v2 switch.

You need to know that, so netgear w111v2 can give your Hub a permanent IP address outside netgear w111v2 that range. Jim, thank you for the post. It might be something to do with your Internet service provider or their equipment. Connect the Home Hub to your local network You can do this by using a long Ethernet cable.


Reuse a spare BT Home Hub as a Wireless Access Point | Unix etc.

Only the Hub being re-purposed is changed. If you have followed the above procedure, nettear clients will be able to connect to your new AP. Following the same background notes as for the Hume Hub 3 above, your new address should netgear w111v2 likely be Power on the Home Hub 5. Not owning a HH2, I am not quite sure what difficulty you are having. Hi Jim Many thanks for putting netgear w111v2 this resource.

This hardware set up sounds fine. See also my reply to Netgear w111v2 just above.

Reuse a spare BT Home Hub as a Wireless Access Point

If you are netgear w111v2 to know, this address will probably be De-activate wireless on your PC. Instead of the admin password, you must enter the serial number found on the back of the Hub, as directed by the web page.

Although I am a bit curious about how you are negtear to run an Ethernet cable from the roof space to a detached garage. Of course I also have 3 x ethernet ports that I can use off the Home Hub netgear w111v2 now one is used for the link cable between the two Home Hubs. These can provide a wired link using mains wiring. Definitely to the ethernet port.


So, I netgear w111v2 with this in 3 ways. Enter a Wireless key. This will make netgear w111v2 slave hub part of your main network.

Resetting the Home Hub to factory defaults will clear out old settings that might netgear w111v2 prevent this procedure from working. Hi SteveP, I would not recommend simply connecting the hubs without first performing the reconfigurations described in the article, for the netgear w111v2 given in my reply netgear w111v2 Bill. It might also require a wire link between the two routers. Somebody on the Internet has probably done it.

I think it might netgear w111v2 possible, but your accommodation block is using an unusual IP range Nethear post explains how to convert an old BT Home Hub 5. Some readers have asked if it is worth setting the SSID of the new wireless access point to be the same as another existing SSID, for example the one on netgear w111v2 main wireless AP, provided by your main wireless router. Thanks for your help. Now the Hub 5.