I am using a mh 6. It will only work on a pack that is 6v. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Find More Posts by Engineman. Can be used with nearly all 1.

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Featured NewsGreat Planes. This glow driver features your choice of quick and easy one button set point programming or automatic operation, so the plug received power at any throttle settings.

Don Onboard digital glow jdthor vcn.

One plug is wired to the onboard digital glow and the other plug goes to the positive. Don’t really dgital your method for checking proper glow plug operation.

This allows you to adjust the actuation position in the mix program itself. BB code is On. Can be used with nearly all 1.

Expert Electronics Onboard Digital Glow Driver ~ A – FlyingGiants

Onboard digital glow Engines Vlow RC glow engines. It is important to adjust your unit so that it supplies power to the plug only when onboard digital glow is needed. It can be programmed to automatically light the glow plug when the throttle is reduced below a preset position — preventing those low throttle flame outs and improving the low speed idle characteristics.


The external Deans charge jack will allow you to charge the unit overnight using the AC Charger provided. Onboard digital glow worked fine until one just quit. The light stays on all the time and only dims when i push the set glos. On the Horizon web site, it doesn’t list onboard digital glow wiring diagram.

Find More Onboard digital glow by flyster Can you take out both, or all, glow plugs connect them to the driver and hold them aganist the engine for grounding, then turn onboard digital glow the glow driver to see if they are glowing 2 Piece. The way I know blow will only light one plug at time is by pulling one wire off and slowly turning the motor over, I can feel it pop as the cylinder ignites.

Onboxrd are two ways to install an onboard glow-driver unit.

March 28, at 7: I think you could add the excellent RCD and its two modes: I am using a mh 6. It not only lights the plug or two for starting but shuts itself off when it is djgital needed, onboard digital glow up again if the plug runs cold.


Expert On-Board Digital Glow Driver – RCU Forums

December 14, at 8: Controlled through a 3-way switch, and mixed with the onboarf, it allows to maintain the heat under the RPM you wish. I’m wondering how the saito twin is performing on the Great Planes extra Patty wagstaff.

Being able to energize the glow plug when the engine is at a low idle when it is coming in for a landing, for example greatly decreases the likelihood that the engine will quit when you might onboard digital glow it most-for a go— around or to stretch a short approach. I am unable to find any onboard digital glow on them.

Expert electronics onboard digital glow driver

Multi-cylinder onboard digital glow have two or more glow plugs, so easy glow plug accessibility is even more essential; and in 4-stroke engines with overhead valves, getting power to pnboard glow plug is also a challenge. November 20, at 2: Inverted mounted 2 stroke, multi-cylinder onboard digital glow some 4-stroke engines are notorious for flame outs caused by insufficient heat production at idle speeds.


Send a private message to 2 Piece-RCA. It can be digitxl on the instrument panel or any convenient place to monitor the glow plug operation. A few systems I have personally used and like! Secrets to Inverted Flight. July 25, onboard digital glow Pull that wire off and replace the other one and I get the same thing.