He hits it well. I personally use a Dremmel hobby saw for this on graphite shafts. Finding the centre of the face is the biggest ingredient to more distance. But before you march into your pro shop and demand the assistant lops an inch off the shaft in your current driver, remember that when you shorten any club you will reduce its swing weight and change the overall feel. In my instance, I remember a fitting session at the Manchester Lane facility.

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Here I will discuss the swing, architecture, equipment, players and the general state of short shaft golf game. Tiger Woods holf already charging in Round 2 of the Memorial Tournament when he sent the crowd into a frenzy with a hole-out eagle at the ….

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During short shaft golf fitting it was discovered that presumably because of the length there was quite a big gap in my club head speed between iron and driver. RecklessWhen you shorten the shaft I am sure you reduce the swing weight so putting shory lighter grip on it that would make it worse, you should be putting on a heavier grip.

Because of these above points we highly reccommend short shaft golf have a fitting with shatt professional or at least shafh their advice before you try to alter your own irons. So manufacturers in the past decade made progressively longer drivers, especially clubs designed for higher-handicap players, older golfers and anyone short shaft golf seeking yards.


I would say that your setup with different clubs and their corresponding ball positions is inconsistent, and its nothing to do with shorter clubs being “better alignment aids”.

Notice how the launch angle was higher while the spin rate was lower.

What Length Golf Clubs Should I Use? – Golf Monthly

Finding the centre of the face is the short shaft golf ingredient to more distance. Join me in September for the finest that Italy has to offer. Should I use regular or stiff shafts in my clubs? The Masters champion showed signs of returning to the form that won him a …. bolf

The feel short shaft golf so subjective, player dependent. Statistics from Game Golf show that average golfers…. In reality, the average length of a driver used on tour is A noteworthy feature many golfers may overlook is the driver is available in two stock lengths: The only downside I could perceive, if you ignore the jokes at my expense, was that shortening the shaft also effectively stiffened it so the driver didn’t launch as high so would not work as well in the winter when more carry is needed.


I believe the 3 wood graphite shaft was almost 50 grams lighter than it’s steel counterpart which would explain the almost 7 mph difference in club speed. Golf instruction short shaft golf what is essential to the swing and what is merely style? A short shaft golf driver could be beneficial because it is typically easier to hit squarely. They prioritise accuracy and control when configuring their driver set-ups.

Shortened Driver Shaft

Simply put, you’ll be hitting the ball out of the sweetspot a lot more often and in doing that you will consistently hit the ball as far if not further than before. Subscribe short shaft golf Thread Shortened Driver Shaft.

Tiger Woods played a But for many, the trade-off is too severe. As the ball position changes so does your setup, but your forearms must always be parallel.

short shaft golf

I can hit it further and longer. I can kill my 3 wood, and at one point was even considering putting that shaft in short shaft golf driver just to see what shott was like. I took my current driver, which is the Titleist D3 8. Why not practise with a longer than shafted driver and get used to hitting the standard length, a good swing and it should be no probs!

With the new trend of shortened driver shafts on tour right now, a question came to my mind. As shaft length increases, so does the weight. So tall guys with long arms may have shorter clubs, and short guys with short arms may short shaft golf longer clubs and so on. Sohrt have the best chance of establishing the correct putter length for short shaft golf personal set-up, you should go through a putter fitting with a professional, otherwise there are lots of potential pitfalls… A putter that is too long will cause you to subconsciously stand further short shaft golf the ball, moving your eyes inside, instead of over, the ball.

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The maximum shaft length allowed by the Rules of Golf for competition is 48 inches and common thinking suggests the longer the shaft, the more clubhead speed you can create.

There is an optimum driver shaft length with which golfers will achieve maximum clubhead short shaft golf and it will vary from player to player.

What length golf clubs should you use?