HI Everyone, My laptop was died just before a thanks giving and i was very disappointed. Lol, I can not believe that this worked on my Toshiba sattelite A This is the same fix for December 29, It works with an external monitor just fine. I wrapped it hard tied.

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Oh yeah, and nice one for this post and for this site, very helpful, even for those with experience.

We have had 5 HP laptops in the family and they all have stability issues, especially the TX What should I do??? I even went as far as getting a penny from because 81 was the last year for solid copper pennies.

How to fix HP video problem

Maybe the OS got corrupted? Inverter board powers the back light in the LCD panel. I did the towel method. Victor October 31, Had this problem on my G62 model.


BrunoG December 19, Power down and remove the battery. I just want the heat to build up inside. Try reconnecting the LCD cable on both ends.

It took me more time thinking about doing it than just doing it. Geoffrey May 23, Hi, I am sakthi, I have one Compaq Laptop. I never took one of these apart I think he messed something up in there. I removed battery, hard drive, taped all air vents and wrapped the notebook in towel display was sony vaio pcg 5k7p wrapped.

Put it back on and put some srews in the screw holes to elevate it put it on pan preheated the ole oven to degrees F and stuck her in for 8 minutes.

How to fix HP video problem | Laptop Repair

Candi February 6, You just have to figure out for how long you have to heat up the GPU chip. Julian December 6, Is my next step replacing the LCD screen?


Aman June 22, Bro Dave May sony vaio pcg 5k7p, If all you need is to make it working for a while in order to backup pccg data quickly, it could be a very good idea. FRank July 30, Today this black screen thing happened again.

So I used xcopy command to copy everything from the drive. Research more and get your money back like me. OMG You are a genius my friend.

Hi, and thanks for the tip, I have several HP, and as a hobby, I have restored the gpu has warmed nVidia shpset with gas burners with good results. Let it cool for 2 hrs.

Again Thanks very much. Here are some HP models affected by this known video failure problem:

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