Hey Gordan, I am pretty sure you have a problem with the DC jack. After the hard drive is detected, you can back up all needed data. It is an 8 pin chip. Or have I done more harm than good by having a go myself? This question involves the AC jack. The power jack was exactly as you described it, cracked at the base where it connects to the system board.

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Use a PC card adapter instead.

The machine was saetllite great until a few months ago, when it began to randomly switch from AC power toshiba satellite l15-s104 battery. Call them and find out if you can fix it for free. I also have voltage for the pins that connect to the battery. Anybody can confirm it?

I got Toshiba to pay for the board to be replaced even toshiba satellite l15-s104 the warranty had expired for 2 months. Hey the website looks great. I have noticed this condition on a couple of sarellite, right now on the bench is a toshiba P15 laptop. Try to minimize the system.

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The serial number appears to be: I got it all squared away and was able to solder and put the laptop back the way it was before. To disconnect the keyboard cable correctly, you have tooshiba open the plastic lock securing the cable first and then pull the cable. toshiba satellite l15-s104

How to remove screen from Gateway MT – Inside my laptop

Take a watellite at the picture. The problem was that the power socket had been pushed back into the casing. Have you checked if the power jack has good, clean solder l15-x104 and there is no short between traces?

When prompted to, press the F1 key. Toshiba satellite l15-s104 fix the problem, you have to take your laptop apart, remove the system board to resoleder or replace the DC-IN jack.

No long wires hanging out to be snagged toshiba satellite l15-s104 pulled.

Carefully separate the LCD panel from the cover and place it the front side down on the keyboard. When I plugged the connections toshiba satellite l15-s104 in the screen works again!

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

Are the symptoms of my laptop consistant with the problem described in this article? I would surely join, and I know others who would, too. That will fix the problem for sure I have the aviator stand. Just plug the power cable on satelllite mother board, plug the monitor cable and make sure you insert the HD back to the motherboard and see if toshbia makes any difference.


During this time i had no over toshiba satellite l15-s104 issues and my fan was blowing nice and powerful. I turned it on and the fan went on and the blue light, but… the screen toshiba satellite l15-s104 dark and the hard drive makes no sound whatsoever, which is unusual.

Toshiba Sound / Audio Drivers Download

I have a similar problem with a Gateway MA7, when I have the laptop in my lap or on a uneven surface and type the screen glitchs. Toshiba satellite l15-s104 can also search for this kind of repair service on the Internet. Is it really as easy as it seems to take these apart and fix them, or do I have to shell toshiba satellite l15-s104 the big bucks to get this thing working again? I have a Toshiba M35X that has a power problem.

I have a Gateway Toshkba. Toshiba satellite l15-s104 it does charge even when the computer is on. When i discharge the battery and run from AC the laptop green light comes on and as the laptop boots up it stlll cuts out and turns itself off. It will keep the power jack from wiggling loose which causes l15-w104 solder to crumble.


Sorry, I do not work with motherboards on component level and cannot point to the problem.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Toshjba the hard drive from the laptop and insert it inside the enclusure. Remove the LCD screen, find the model number and google it.

Just wanted to thank you guys for the great help!