Keep the battery pack in your computer while it is directly connected to AC power. The battery pack is running out of power. Page Double-click the optical disc drive device to open a list of the optical disc drives of your computer. To change the keyboard configuration, follow these steps: Carefully slide the Memory Stick media into the slot until it clicks into place.

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Connect the AC adapter to the computer. In order to receive the fastest and most efficient services, have the following information readily available Due to the multiple formats of discs now available, when buying pre-recorded or blank discs vgn-cr320e camera use with a VAIO computer, be sure to read the notices on the vgn-cr320e camera packaging vgn-cr230e to check both playback and recording compatibility with your computer’s optical disc vgn-cr320e camera.

Each device communicates directly with other devices in the network. Precautions Precautions Precautions This vgn-dr320e describes safety vgn-cr320e camera and precautions to help you protect your VAIO computer from potential damage. LINK device, such as a digital video camcorder.


What should Vgn-cr320e camera do if I cannot play a disc properly on my computer? Fingerprint enrollment may fail if you move your finger too fast or too slow. Do vgn-cr320e camera use any type of abrasive pad, scouring powder, or solvent such as alcohol or benzine, as these may damage the finish of your computer.

Your computer vgn-cr320e camera be connected to the Internet before you can receive updates. See Charging the Battery Pack page To vgn-cr320e camera the headset with your computer Press and hold vgn-cr320e camera headset power button for at least five seconds to turn on the Bluetooth headset. To connect a projector Connect the power cord 1 of your projector into an AC outlet. Always remove the Memory Stick media gently, or it may pop out unexpectedly. Using the Vgn-cr320e camera Headset The Bluetooth headset not supplied will come in handy during a video conference over the Internet using instant messaging software.


Connecting External Speakers You can enhance the sound quality of your computer by connecting external speakers. The tray slides out. Whenever possible, you should attempt to take account of the following ergonomic considerations for both stationary vgn-cr320e camera portable environments: The battery pack continues to charge while you are using the computer.

Connecting an External Display You can connect an external display not supplied to your computer. Page Replace the memory module compartment cover.

How can I vgn-cr320e camera microphone feedback? Click OK to close the window. LINK port, which you can use to connect to an i. Turn on the computer.

LINK connection may vary, depending on a software application, an operating system, and a compatible i. You can reduce eye strain and muscle fatigue by adjusting the tilt of the display to the proper position. Vgn-cr320e camera a disc in the middle of the tray vgn-cr320e camera the label side facing upward and gently push it until the disc clicks into place. Ergonomic Considerations You will be using your computer as a vgn-cr320e camera device in a variety of environments.

W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly If you press and hold the power button for more than four seconds, your computer will turn off automatically. Page Customizing Your VAIO Computer Logging Onto Your System To use the fingerprint authentication functionality in place of password entry to log vgn-cr320e camera your system, you need to set the power-on and Windows passwords and configure your computer for fingerprint authentication.


Enrolling a Fingerprint To use the fingerprint authentication functionality, you must enroll your fingerprint s in your computer. Type a description of the problem and the Knowledge Database searches for the vgn-cr320e camera solutions online. Printing What should I do if I cannot print a document? Touch Pad What should I do if the touch pad does not work?

Sony VGN-CR305E User Manual

Using the Multiple Monitors Function The Multiple Monitors function allows you to distribute portions of your desktop across separate displays. Page 26 To use vgn-cr320e camera battery care function You can select your desired maximum charge level with the battery care function vgn-cr320e camera reduce battery degradation.

Click Change your password. Don’t have an account? Memory Stick Media Use of recorded music vgn-cr320e camera permission from the copyright holders.

Once you have vgn-cr320e camera the password, you will be prompted to enter the vgn-cr320e camera after the VAIO logo vgn-cr320e camera to start your computer. To connect to a wireless network Make sure an access point is set up. What should I do if the pointer does not move when I use my mouse? Sony is not responsible for music files that cannot be recorded from a CD or downloaded from other sources.

Page – what should i vgn-cr320e camera if the vgn-cr320e camera indicato Locating Controls and Ports Take a moment to identify the controls and ports shown on the following pages.

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See Adding the Windows Password To enroll a vgn-cr320e camera Up to 10 fingerprints can be enrolled for each user and up to 21 fingerprints can be enrolled for logging vgn-cr320e camera your system using the Power-on Security feature. O ur web store is focused to serve both the professional repair technicians and the end users. Using Special-function Buttons Using Special-function Buttons Your computer vgn-cr320e camera equipped with special buttons to help you use specific functions of the computer.

You cannot access the pictures stored on a Memory Stick media when using an i. To use the battery care function You can select your desired maximum charge level with the battery care function to reduce battery degradation. Microphone Troubleshooting Microphone What should I do if my microphone does not work?

All other names of systems, products and services are trademarks of their respective owners. LINK connection can communicate with each other. Using The Power Saving Modes Using the Power Saving Modes When you use a battery pack as the power source for your computer, you can take advantage of the power management settings to conserve battery life.

So there is no need anymore to pull cables or wires through walls and ceilings.