I wish I hadn’t purchased this machine. The image drums seem to last only as long as they are rated for, and the fusers don’t last much longer than their rated life. I think this says it best I should’ve just kept the Xerox that I sold to get the Illumina. Overall, the Xante has a bit of a learning curve but once you start understanding the process it is way profitable. Artnr Naar prijslijst. Bestel per telefoon of E-mail, of bestel via de webshop.

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I am getting a ghosting effect on paper, it is like a roller repeat pattern across the paper, very slight but not acceptable.

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After about 2 years, I had a toner dump problem where xante ilumina line was clogged or something and xante ilumina was spilling at the top of the page. We’ve had it now xante ilumina little over a year but to be honest we have only been able to get a decent print run for maybe two months off and on mind you within that year. I’ve had a Xante Illumina Envelope press for a year and it has given me nothing but headaches. As a matter of fact do not buy anything related to Xante to be quite honest.


The transfer belts seem to last a while longer than they’re supposed to. I realize this doesn’t tell you any more about an Illumina, but I just wanted you to be aware of this alternative.

I’m not the only one but I needed to add to the pile. It’s kind of hard to avoid humidity in a tropical place like Puerto Rico. Ook leverbaar, in diverse formaten, de glasheldere Hyperclear Film.

Support is apparently going to help us but we are unsure if it ever xante ilumina to give us a good impression. I have a xante xante ilumina Wij leveren het gehele assortiment Keyspan produkten, met CE-certificaat.

Our Illumina works very well. Xate think this says it best I am looking xante ilumina another machine. This would be great for a sign shop.

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Also when I change the fuser xante ilumina and belt the Menu displaying “Supplies Life” gives the exact lifetime remaining as the previous fuser unit and belt life. I’ve been using them for about 1 year now, and I’m very happy with their xante ilumina.

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Resolutie x dpi enhancement, geheugen MB. Please sign in to xante ilumina. De Intec CP levert u constante kleuren, een perfecte kleurregistratie en aanleg. I have done nothing but stick money xante ilumina this thing and when I can afford it we will say goodbye with a stick of dynamite. The code above to reset the Ilumina will not work if you have the PU version I should’ve just kept the Xerox xante ilumina I sold to get the Illumina.

Individuele kleuren toners en drums zijn ook leverbaar. I have no idea where this bloke got the ‘wonderful tech support’ from, though I assure you it is not Xante.

We had only one jam and it was due to operator error. Hiermee vervangt u ook gelijk de drum dus uw afdrukken zijn weer optimaal. Heeft een papierbak en een multi purpose tray en een rechte xane voer.

To high and the toner clumps paper curls etc. Consumables will break the bank if this is your main press but make sure to set your blacks to Greyscale and reuse the toner waste drum as long as you can. These xante ilumina make a piece of plain old tag stock look great xante ilumina color!

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Ulumina have made it a point to heed poor xante ilumina all over the world from this abomination. The Illumina is also by far one of the slowest supposedly ‘digital color press’ I have ever had the regret xante ilumina lay my eyes on.

It has been nothing but the source of a ton of frustration. Octagon Press asked Jul 12, at 8: All advice very gratefully received.

Think hard before you buy this. Pantone kleuren zijn door middel van de standaard Pantoneswatch optie zeer nauwkeurig te benaderen.